Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Hanuman chalisa details

hanuman chalisathis contains 40 stanzas composed extempore by sant tulasidas, when he had the darshan of lord hanuman. since these came extempore in the presence of hanuman himself, this chalisa became very sacred and popular that all the devotees know about it and recite it relegiously. This chalisa has lot of power and makes mind calm and clear to know about god through slow and steady spiritual travel. It also helps you to provide courage, health and grace to achieve good things for you. Chalisa:This starts with
jaya hanuman jnana guna saagara,
jaya kapeesa tihu loka ujaagara.
in these lines hanuman is praised . Anjaneya is very strong and powerful. atulitha baladhama.. means incomparable in strength. He showed his strength in ramayana.



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