Sunday, June 10, 2007

Neem karoli baba ashram

anjaneya swamy praying to lord rama
neem karoli baba is a great saint and devotee of rama. He constructed a hanuman mandir in taos, nex mexico. This may be serving the rama devotees and hanuman devotees at that far off land. In andhra pradesh, all the canals will have small hanuman temple of 3feet by 3feet and 4 ft height temples on the banks of canal. The people who take bath would come and have darshan of maruthi who is smeared with sindhoor or red mercury oxide over his body. They offer bananas and some times coconuts will be offered and broken there. Some times people light camphor aarati infront of maruthi or anjaneya swamy. There is a pancha mukha hanuman temple in secunderabad, andhra pradesh which is good and powerful. Many devotees come there
and offer their prayers and circumabulate the temple inside.The diety anjaneya will have five faces and so called pancha mukha hanuman.

Hanuman temple in trinidad and tobago: we hear lots of indian orgin people live in trinidad and tobago islands in caribean sea. Ganapathi satchidananda swamy ji established 85 feet anjaneya idol there which is worth seeing



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