Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hero of Ramayana epic

Lord Hanuman is one way hero of ramayana oneway. Hanuman is powerful, intellegent, and highly devotional. Hanuman saved many lives in ramayana epic including rama, lakshmana, sita and bharata. How? He brought the news that sita is alive to rama and that word gave life to rama. secondly when naga astra is applied on rama and lakshmana, both fainted and struggling for life. Then hanuman went and broght garuda which drove off the snakes and saved the life of rama and lakshmana. When lakshmana fainted because of the astra of indrajeet, hanuman flew immidiately to Himalayas and brought the medicinal plants sanjivini which saved the life of lakshmana. When sita was about to hang herself to a tree with her long hair, hanuman sang the glory of rama which gave life and hope to sita . When bharata pledged that he would end his life if rama is not stepping in ayodhya just after the 14 years of vana vasa, hanuman gone to him and informed the arrival of rama which saved the life of bharatha.Thus Hanuman is the life giver and saver to all the important heroes and others in ramayana and destroyer of demons. So Hanuman is much eligible for worship for life and energy. Sanjivani power still remains in his blessing hand. He is praised as lakshmana pranadata, the life giver to lakshmana. So when you are sick or ill, it is very wise to pray to lord hanuman, the dwadasa nama mantra (hanuman anjana sunuhu...). In this sloka or mantra itself it is ascertained that those who recite this mantra will not have the fear of death. That means, no unwarranted , untimely death. Hanuman has a body so hard as a diamond , so he is called vajra kaya, he who has a body like a diamond. All the body builders worship Him for a good body and pure health.

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