Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Symbol for courage and win

Anjaneya is a symbol for courage and sure win. Thats why arjuna requested anjaneya to be on his flag as it is a sure shot win symbol. Lord krishna also told that when anjaneya flag is fluttering on the chariot of arjuna and when lord krishna is driving the chariot , none can beat it. This is a symbolic secret to win. Keep the lord God in your heart and keep symbol of anjaneya also as a picture or talisman then you will surely win.
The symbol of anjaneya can also be had as the tikka or tilaka or sindhoor wearing on the forehead or heart which symbolises great victorious God anjaneya or kapiraju(king of monkeys). some people wear talisman, taveez for protection and it is very good. It improves the winning chances. If you have a car or vehicle, stick a sticker of anjaneya and it protects you from accidents and increases the life of vehicle. The works attempt by going in that car will have lot of success chances.Anjaneya likes tuesday and saturday and those two days devotees worship him . Dasami thithi or the tenth day from fullmoon day is auspicious to worship Him.
Why success is sure with anjaneya. Because all the gods have given their powers to anjaneya and blessed Him that no weapon in the world can harm Him. So he became invincible. Otherwise also he is the amsa avatar of lord shiva. Anjaneya is one among the 11 rudras or manifestations of lord shiva. One more thing is he got enormous vaishnava power by continuous recitation of Sree rama name and by devoting himself to lord rama. Thus he got full powers of lord vishnu and lord shiva which is unique in the universe. He is worshipped by both shivites and vaishnavaites.



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Thank you very much for giving us such good information, keep up the good work and plz continue to let us know the unknown facts about hanuman.....Jai veeranjaneya

January 25, 2008 at 9:02 AM  

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