Friday, December 21, 2007

Journey To Lanka

At the time of the Ramayana, Lord Rama sent Vir Anjaneya as an advance spy to Lanka to search for Sita. Endowed with powers of Vayu, The Wind God, he soared high and easily bridged the distance between Lanka and India. Veer Hanuman was chosen for this task as others were just not capable of flying or soaring for such a long distance. Even Lord Maruti was not aware of his powers. It was Jambwant who reminded him of his powers and thus Sri Hanuman was able to recognise his powers and agreed to go to Lanka as advance spy, searching for Sita. His journey to Lanka was full of adventures. As the myth goes, the sea was inhabited by Sursa, who had been given a boon that everyone crossing the sea had to go into her mouth. She thus faced Hanuman Ji and wanted him to enter her mouth. Vir Hanuman, not wanting to insult the boon given to Sursa, grew himself larger and larger in size. To acommodate his size, Sursa kept opening her mouth to match his size. After reaching a huge towering size, Anjaneya Swami, in a flash grew smaller than a fly, went into Sursa's mouth and came out before Sursa could close her open mouth. Thus the boon to Sursa was not nullified and Anjaneya Swami could complete his journey to Lanka.


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