Friday, December 21, 2007

Lanka Dahan

anjaneya swami lanka dahan, burning away lanka
After reaching Lanka, Hanuman looked everywhere and finally reached Ashok Vatika, or Ashok Garden. There he saw Ravana pestering Devi Sita to marry him. He waited for Ravana to leave. Later, he met Sita and identified himself as Ramdoot, or ambassador of Ram. He consoled her and made her aware of Lord Rama's plans of invading Lanka. He delivered Lord Rama's Ring as token of proof to Sita. Upon accomplishing this, Vir Anjaneya was elated and decided to spend a while in Lanka to test the preparedness and strength of Ravana. He thus created a ruckus in the Ashok Vatika and fought and deafeated demons sent to arrest him. As all methods failed, Meghnad, son of Ravana, came to arrest him. Sankat Mochan Hanuman gave him a tough fight and in the end gave himself as a prisoner because he wanted to see the trappings inside the court of Ravana. He was taken to the darbar of Ravana tied with ropes. On seeing him and hearing all the loss caused by him, Ravana was enraged and decided to kill him. Vibheeshan, his younger brother, advised him that it was not wise to kill an ambassador. So, in order to punish him, Ravana gave the order to burn the tail of Hanumana, The Monkey God. Hanuman kept growing the length of his tail so that the kingdom ran short of cloth to wrap around his tail for burning. When all seemed to be lost, Hanuman, stopped growing his tail. His tail was then set on fire. On this, Lord Hanuman quickly broke free from the ropes he was tied in and started burning the kingdom itself.


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