Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saving Lakshman

anjaneya swami with lord rama and lakshman
Lord Hanuman contributed immensely during the battle of Ramayan. His contributions in defeats of Kumbhakaran and Lankini were praised by all the gods. All the great and fierce warriors on the side of Ravana were dealt death blows. Soon it started becoming apparent that Lord Rama assisted by Vir Hanuman was a great force and was not going to be easy to defeat. As a final frontier, Ravana asked his son Meghnad to take to the battle. Meghnad had worshipped Lord Indra and obtained Vajrastra, the deadliest weapon, from him. Lakshman, Lord Rama's younger brother took the field against Meghnad. Meghnad used Vajrastra on Lakshman and Lakshman lost consciousness. It was suggested that only a herb named Sanjeevani found in Himalayas could revive him. The task of fetching the magical herb was given to Vir Anjaneya. He flew from Lanka to the himalayas. There, Lord Indra confused him and Hanuman could not find the right herb easily. In order to avoid confusion, he uprooted the whole mountain and flew along with it to Lanka. The herb was administered well in time to Lakshmana. Thus Vir Anjaneya, Pawan Putra Hanuman was responsible for saving the life of Lakshman,

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