Friday, April 25, 2008

Hanuman found in kathmandu

A statue of the Hindu deity Hanuman was dug up from Naikap, Naya Bhanjyang, Sunday, after a lady claiming to have been possessed by Goddess Dakshin Kali and Manakamna marked the place where the Statue was found 14-16 feet underground.
Saraswati Thapaliya who is residing at Baneshwor and currently working at the Tara Krishna Institute, a computer learning centre in Naikap said that she had been having visions of the goddesses for the last eight months but it was only recently that they started possessing her.
“Dakshin Kali Mata and Manakamna Mata would come to me and tell me that my sufferings were over, they would tell me that I was now a part of them and they would protect me and build an ashram for me,” said the divorcee who had left her husband who according to her used to physically torture her.
Thapaliya told The Rising Nepal (TRN) that approximately thirteen deities possess her though she never believed it in the beginning.” Its just been about two weeks that the visions became clear and Manakamana Mata told me that she had sent Hanuman, her brother, to look for the sight where my ashram would be built”.
After the statue was dug up around noon, Thapaliya with her own hands built a small Shiva Linga in front of the newly dug up image and offered prayers. “ Mata told me to ask for forgiveness with the lord Shiva and promise never to eat meat and fish,” she said.
According to locals who had witnessed the incident, it looked like an outside force had taken over her body and though it looked like she was having a fit she knew exactly what she was doing they stated. “ It was like what we see in the movies, she looked the same yet different and she was trembling feverishly,” said 15-year-old Anjali K.C.
According to the locals, they didn’t actually believe her at first and threatened to bury her alive if she didn’t stop acting crazy. “She came here at 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning with a lighted incense in her hand and planted it here, she then started screaming, shaking like she had a fit and started dancing around the location which woke us up,” said Shanta Kumar Thapa, a local.
“We thought she had gone mad and told her to go away or else we would dig up a pit and bury her instead,” said Rajmati Maharjan. She also stated that it was only after Thapaliya started trying digging up the site with her head that people came down to help her.
Ganesh Maharjan, the landlord who recently built his house a few metres away from the site informed TRN that when he had wanted to build his house on the location six months back, an astrologer told him not to build it there. “My astrologer told me that it would bring me a lot of bad luck if I built my house here, so I built it a few metres away,” said Ganesh Maharjan. “I never thought my land was so auspicious, I have had no use for it, this is unbelievable,” he said.
The locals have started worshipping Thapaliya who has now become a deity in their eyes now that the statue has been dug up. “ We will construct a temple cum sanctuary here just like she wants, she is not an ordinary person,” said Maharjan and the other locals present there.
Is this just a coincidence, faith or an Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)? Stories of Possession of the body by a so-called deity or the devil are prevalent in many societies, does it really happen? Do unseen forces take over our bodies or is it just our mind playing games with us?



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