Thursday, February 15, 2007

Anjaneya Hanuman the Monkey god

lord anjaneya

jai veera Hanuman. Hanuman has other names like maruthi (maruti), kapeendra, anjaneya, hanumanthu. He is the embodiment of rudra amsa ( part of power of Lord shiva). He has the genes and blessings of God Air (vayu). Hanuman is the hero of the great epic Ramayana. Because of lord hanuman, the entire demons, rakshasas were killed by Rama and Lakshmana.
The chapter where entirely hanuman will be hero is called Sundara Kanda ( the beautiful chapter literal translation ). That means , whatever Hanuman does and where ever he goes every thing is Beauty.
The evil spirits, devils are dead scared of anjaneya, the monkey god. His shout itself kills them or drives them away. That is the reason why people remember him when they are afraid. He is guru or master for those who practice celebacy. Some say he is married and others say he is ajanma brahmachari meaning life long celebate. After meeting Rama in kishkinda or rishya mooka hill, Hanuman devoted his entire life, to Rama and his service. Hanuman always meditates in rama and he is slave to rama tatva ( rama theme, philosophy)

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