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Hanuman chalisa details

hanuman chalisathis contains 40 stanzas composed extempore by sant tulasidas, when he had the darshan of lord hanuman. since these came extempore in the presence of hanuman himself, this chalisa became very sacred and popular that all the devotees know about it and recite it relegiously. This chalisa has lot of power and makes mind calm and clear to know about god through slow and steady spiritual travel. It also helps you to provide courage, health and grace to achieve good things for you. Chalisa:This starts with
jaya hanuman jnana guna saagara,
jaya kapeesa tihu loka ujaagara.
in these lines hanuman is praised . Anjaneya is very strong and powerful. atulitha baladhama.. means incomparable in strength. He showed his strength in ramayana.


Hanuman chalisa

hanuman seen in this form in this age
Hanuman chalisa is very powerful tool to invoke the grace of lord anjaneya or hanuman. This hanuman chalisa is composed extempore by great Rama devotee, sant tulasidas 600 years ago. From that time onwards , this hanuman chalisa became the mantra for all the hanuman devotees to communicate with lord maruthi , or anjaneya. Tuesday is very auspicious day for anjaneya as well as saturday. Hanuman devotees flock the temples of anjaneya on these days and worship him. They recite hanuman chalisa or perform sahasra archana for the monkey god, maruthi. Anjaneya idol will always be available in every temple of rama. In south india , all vaishnava temples will have anjaneya idol in krishna temples, rama temples and balaji temples. Anjanyea likings: Vadas, or appams (andhra type, sweet) are very pleasing offerings, bhogas for hanuman swami. People cook these and offer to him. In tamilnadu vada malai is prepared, that is a garland with vadai and offered to anjaneya. Anjaneya idol is smeared with sindhoora or red color mercury oxide , all over his body. Sindhoora is a specialised tilak , tikka offered from hanuman temples. There is a story telling why anjaneya smeared sindhoor all over his body , which will be discussed later in some other place.In tamilnadu and southern india, the temples smear butter to the mouth of anjaneya to reduce the pain he got when the indra's wepon hit him on his mouth. That is the vajrayudha. Indian devotees speciality is they feel the pain of the God on to them and compassionate for the god on that issue. This would be liked by God. Anjaneya also likes beatle leaves. So, hanuman devotees offer 108 or more beatle leaves to please him. Some devotees write sree rama nam on a paper thousand times and offer that work to lord hanuman to please him


Hindu God Anjaneya

Anjaneya swami is a special God and second to none. This is because he is the avatar of Maha siva (shiva), rudramsa sambhoota. He is given boons by all gods that no weapon or energy will harm Him. More over he is the owner , diety for the most powerful mantra "sri Ram". Thus Hanuman became the most powerful god and also most admired God as he showed the way to all devotees the path of Dasyam (saving the god like a servant). Anjaneya is the owner of Rama rasa and none can enter the rama rajya without anjaneya's permission, as per tulasi das.
Anjaneya is also told that he will be there till the end of this yuga or millineium and after that He would be the creator (brahma) of next millinium. So, people , devotees believe with strong faith that he is still in the banana groves in himalayas of india. If you pray ardently he comes to your help. I believed in this and recited Hanuman chalisa 11 times a day for 40 days and got the most impossible achievement done by Lord anjaneya. Devotees can test this also with faith.
Anjaneya told all that not to use the great powerful mantra or name of Rama for material gains but utilize its power for nirvana, or mukti or liberation. If the devotees have any materialistic needs they can pray to Hanuman or anjaneya so that anjaneya can take care of the needs of the devotees. This is the assurance given by Anjaneya, the monkey God. He is the hero of Ramayana Epic.

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