Friday, July 4, 2008

Hanuman temple West Indies

hanuman idol 85 feet high
abhishekam to hanuman
hanuman devotees
85 feet hanuman idol was there in trinidad and tobago islands, hanuman temple. This was inaugurated in 2003 by Sri ganapathi satchidananda swamy. pictures of the temple and hanuman moorthy(idol) seen here. Abhishekam to the idol is carried with the help of helicopter.


True Hanuman Bhaktas, anajaneya desciples

hanuman devotee dhulipala

It is quite interesting to know how true hanuman (anjaneya)bhaktas or devotees lead their life, what type of experiences they face. Ramakrishna parama hamsa worshipped anjaneya for some time, to find out the power of this worship. soon, he got a tail and he used to jump from one place to another like a monkey.This was written in his biography.

Recently one film actor dhulipala (telugu) was very famous and he developed slowly love for anjaneya. He left his profitable career and gone to a district headquarters gunturu in andhra pradesh to become the worshipper of anjaneya in that town temple. He spent all his years there only worshipping hanuman and breathed his last two years back.