Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hanuman, Ramas servant

Daasoham kosalendrasya:
Hanuman, the monkey god is seen with folded hands and closed eyes. He always recites dasoham kosalendrasya (' i am the servant of the lord rama"). so he is called dasanjaneya.
With HIS arms folded, he is the paragon of servile humility. But, with a mace in one hand and the other akimbo, there is no obstacle that is insurmountable to anjaneya.(tamil peopel call this god anchaneya). For Hanuman, the monkey god epitomises every virtue - supreme devotion, steadfastness, felicity of thought and speech and courage to list a few.
(Buddhirbalam yaso dhairyam, vaakpatutwam...)
A most striking feature of this mighty and valorous monkey god was that he was unaware of his innate prowess. A realisation of the powers dawned only after the exhortations of Jambavan or jambavanta , the bear god. What follows thereafter is the Sundarakanda in the Ramayana



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