Wednesday, June 25, 2008

obama and hanuman

hanuman locket with obama usa
obama seems worshipping or having faith in hanuman and he is improving his winning chances . lot of interesting news came out about obama and hanuman locket. The photograph above shows the obama's hanuman locket along with madonna. Here is the news item:
Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic party's presidential nominee, is seeking the blessings of Lord Hanuman in his battle for the White House.The 46-year-old senator from Illinois, who defeated his rival Hillary Clinton in an epic 17-month long electoral battle for Democratic party nomination, carries a ''tiny monkey god'' apparently representing ''Hanuman'' with him for good luck.
A recent photo posted on Time's White House Photo of the Day collection shows the first ever Black-American nominee in the race to the White House carries with him a bracelet belonging to an American soldier deployed in Iraq, a gambler's lucky chit, a tiny monkey god, tiny Madonna and child.
That ''tiny monkey god,'' of course, appears to be a statue of the Hindu monkey god, Hanuman, says the posting but editors and the photographer has not identified it as such.Obama, whose father was a Kenyan and mother a white woman from Kansas, spent initial days of his life in Indonesia where Hinduism is a popular religion.In addition to a lucky penny, Republican candidate John McCain carries a lucky nickel, and a lucky rubber band, which he wears around his wrist.



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