Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hanuman in Combodia

combodian hanuman
Indonesia also knows about ramayana epic and they know about monkey god anjaneya. Recently some troups played ramayana in their language and they disclosed details about their hanuman.

Cambodian theatre group named ‘Classical troupe of Kingdom Group’ enacted the Cambodian version of the epic Ramayana known as ‘Reamker.’
In Reamker, Lord Rama is known as ‘Preah Ream’ and Ravana is known as ‘Krong Reap.’ Sita is called ‘Neang Seda’ and Lakshman brother of Ram is called ‘Preah Leak.’ The name of Hanuman is the same but with a slightly different pronunciation.
Cambodian group artists enacted the entire epic in a ballet; there were no dialogues in the play. Mostly women performed all the roles in the epic. A woman played the role of Lord Rama.“In our country, Ramayana is very popular, even the children know the main characters like Rama, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman,” said Hun Tha, a troupe artiste. Cambodian culture has references of Hindu epic Ramayana from the 10 th century AD.



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