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Hanuman darshan to tulasi das

anjaneya rama
tulasi das goswamy is a saint, rama bhakta and dedicated his life to rama bhakti and contributed to the world of devotion by writing a great epic called tulasi ramayan or rama charita manasa. This ramacharita manasa was written in local language bhojpuri in Uttar pradesh in the years around 1500 AD. Thus this epic became very very popular among the common men, rustic people and rama charita reached every house and hut in the villages and forests alike. Tulasidas wanted to have rama darshan as it was his only ambition , but having rama darshan is not easy. tulsidas tried for a long time but could not achieve it.
Then he thought or understood that without the help and permission of lord hanuma none can reach rama. Same thing he sung in hanuman chalisa. ram dware tum rakhware, hota na ajna binu paithare.. means, without your permission none can reach lord rama as you are sitting at the entrance of rama world. so tulsidas wanted to get blessings of hanuman or anjaneya.. but how to catch him? It is also not easy. Hanuman shows the way for genuine requests of the rama devotees or hanuman devotees.Through a brahma rakshasi (a great devil, demon) tulasi dass understood that hanuman is daily coming and attending his discourses on ramayana in varanasi.

So, on that day he followed the ugly looking old man who came early to the discourse and left last after the discourse. When the ugly looking old man was travelling in a nearby forest, tulasi das caught hold of his feet and prayed heartfully to give the darshan of hanuman and further provide the darshan of rama. Hanuman then showed his real form and promissed that he would show rama and lakshmana next day. next day tulasi dass was waiting but no rama lakshmana . Only two beggars came to his house for alms. But lord hanuman exhorted tulasidas from top of a tree in a parrot form, singing the ram nam. Tulasi understood the signal and caught hold of the lotus feet of rama and lakshmana. That itslef has cleared all his sins from lives innumerable.

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what pleases anjaneya swamy?

anjaneya carrying sanjivini mountain
anjaneya swamy likes ram nam very much. singing glory of rama, or ramayana epic is liked and loved by anjaneya swamy very much and he presents himself there listening with folded hands and tears in eyes. we may not see this always but happens. He can appear at any number of places at a time , be it in millions. But there should be warmth in the prayer or love and affection in the singing. Dedication to the meaning and rama bhakti is required.


Symbol for courage and win

Anjaneya is a symbol for courage and sure win. Thats why arjuna requested anjaneya to be on his flag as it is a sure shot win symbol. Lord krishna also told that when anjaneya flag is fluttering on the chariot of arjuna and when lord krishna is driving the chariot , none can beat it. This is a symbolic secret to win. Keep the lord God in your heart and keep symbol of anjaneya also as a picture or talisman then you will surely win.
The symbol of anjaneya can also be had as the tikka or tilaka or sindhoor wearing on the forehead or heart which symbolises great victorious God anjaneya or kapiraju(king of monkeys). some people wear talisman, taveez for protection and it is very good. It improves the winning chances. If you have a car or vehicle, stick a sticker of anjaneya and it protects you from accidents and increases the life of vehicle. The works attempt by going in that car will have lot of success chances.Anjaneya likes tuesday and saturday and those two days devotees worship him . Dasami thithi or the tenth day from fullmoon day is auspicious to worship Him.
Why success is sure with anjaneya. Because all the gods have given their powers to anjaneya and blessed Him that no weapon in the world can harm Him. So he became invincible. Otherwise also he is the amsa avatar of lord shiva. Anjaneya is one among the 11 rudras or manifestations of lord shiva. One more thing is he got enormous vaishnava power by continuous recitation of Sree rama name and by devoting himself to lord rama. Thus he got full powers of lord vishnu and lord shiva which is unique in the universe. He is worshipped by both shivites and vaishnavaites.


Hero of Ramayana epic

Lord Hanuman is one way hero of ramayana oneway. Hanuman is powerful, intellegent, and highly devotional. Hanuman saved many lives in ramayana epic including rama, lakshmana, sita and bharata. How? He brought the news that sita is alive to rama and that word gave life to rama. secondly when naga astra is applied on rama and lakshmana, both fainted and struggling for life. Then hanuman went and broght garuda which drove off the snakes and saved the life of rama and lakshmana. When lakshmana fainted because of the astra of indrajeet, hanuman flew immidiately to Himalayas and brought the medicinal plants sanjivini which saved the life of lakshmana. When sita was about to hang herself to a tree with her long hair, hanuman sang the glory of rama which gave life and hope to sita . When bharata pledged that he would end his life if rama is not stepping in ayodhya just after the 14 years of vana vasa, hanuman gone to him and informed the arrival of rama which saved the life of bharatha.Thus Hanuman is the life giver and saver to all the important heroes and others in ramayana and destroyer of demons. So Hanuman is much eligible for worship for life and energy. Sanjivani power still remains in his blessing hand. He is praised as lakshmana pranadata, the life giver to lakshmana. So when you are sick or ill, it is very wise to pray to lord hanuman, the dwadasa nama mantra (hanuman anjana sunuhu...). In this sloka or mantra itself it is ascertained that those who recite this mantra will not have the fear of death. That means, no unwarranted , untimely death. Hanuman has a body so hard as a diamond , so he is called vajra kaya, he who has a body like a diamond. All the body builders worship Him for a good body and pure health.

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